TRAUDES pushes boundaries between hiphop and electronic pop, by combining powerful vocal melodies with rap. You can expect a tight beat, strong lyrics and a compelling liveshow.


‘I Don’t Love You’ is the first single of TRAUDES’ debut album. Eighteen months after the release of "CRLS & GRLS", with hit single "BACK DOWN" which was streamed more than a million times and played a lot on national radio, TRAUDES is back with new songs and a new sound. Just like on the first record, he writes about personal situations, and he is not afraid to speak up. After all, lying and impersonality are a deadly sin in lyrics, he learned from the great masters in hiphop. ‘I Don’t Love You’ tells a story about an impossible kind of love. After TRAUDES meets a girl for the first time at a big European music festival he instantly has a crush on her. Years after they met they keep on finding each other, but everytime it ends in a bad way. TRAUDES is done with her and writes ‘I Don’t Love You’ to once and for all close the door on the girl.



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